Overall Consulting Plans

What is it?

Assessment Action Plan

For a more robust analysis, we will visit your organization for two days to talk with company employees of all levels, and observe company culture to identify internal problems. After completing our assessment, we will present you with our findings and offer solutions based on nearly two decades’ experience putting our expertise into practice.

Assessment PLUS Action Plan

We also offer additional guidance in remedying internal problems. Based on our initial assessment, we will stay on as consultants and work with you to develop strategies for improvement. We also offer offsite facilitation, inclusive of board retreats.

When it is right for you?

When you recognize your department or project team is functioning but could be performing so much better. What are the issues? You may be too close to the situation to see things clearly and the team members may not be comfortable confiding in you. Our judgment-free assessment of your team offers:

  • Unbiased perspective on the current state of the group
  • Insight into specific people and team-dynamics that will establish greater trust and appreciation.
  • Concrete first steps to alleviate on-going issues and promote greater success and trust within the team.

To discuss your situation, call 212-876-7100
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