Leadership in Wonderland

Alice receives a wake-up call that her business is faltering and needs her attention. She had stepped away from the running of her company, Leaves-of-Wonderland, and must consider returning to it or face its downfall. Trouble lurks everywhere and she must distinguish between what is real and what is gossip.

Join Alice and her band of quirky characters in this leadership adventure as she discovers what it really takes to be a LEADER.

Because sometimes leadership feels like you’re falling down a rabbit hole

What is “Leadership In Wonderland” about?

“Leadership in Wonderland” is a book I co-authored which introduces fun into the process of becoming a better, more confident manager, supervisor, or team leader. This book/workbook helps new leaders understand their role within an organization and the skills they need for success. Not only can it serve as a tool to empower emerging talent, it can improve communication and community among groups of an organization through discussing and understanding different priorities, challenges, and decisions; it reinforces culture. The workbook can be used as is, or in conjunction with group interactive seminars which can be tailored to the company’s needs. The group exercises promote learning, motivation and personal growth.

“Leadership in Wonderland” serves as the basis of our small group coaching program.