Who will be running your company in 10 years?

Are those the same people who are the up and comers of today? Are they the new talent who are, or will be, directing your department, project, team? Do they have the right skills to succeed? Are they given the necessary guidance and tools to succeed? Or, will they be overwhelmed and leave the organization because of their frustration?

We offer your company a safety net, confidence, around developing your young leadership. We work with you so that your managers can become the leaders you want them to be and they want to be.  In investing in your emerging talent, you have a chance to hold onto them longer.

We’ve been hiring and coaching young senior professionals and those who hire them in the media, entertainment, professional services and technology fields since the 1990’s. We understand how difficult it is today to keep this talent at an organization for the long term.

Having worked with today’s emerging leaders, we understand they want more than diverse incentives and flexible workstyles to stay committed to an organization. They want an environment that embraces their unique insight and expertise, inspires, motivates and offers career options combined with learning opportunities. We work with companies to create this engagement and “community environment” in which these talented professionals can not only thrive but want to remain and contribute to the success of the organization.


I am the founder and CEO of Susan Goldberg Leadership Consulting. After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis with a BA in French Literature and Pace University with a dual MBA in International Economics and Marketing, I began working as an independent marketing consultant. In 2001, I launched my first business, Susan Goldberg Executive Search Consulting, where I helped clients find and place the right leadership within their companies.

PSE&G, GE, NBC, and Sprint PCS are just a few of the clients I have worked with over the years. My extensive knowledge on emerging leadership, led me to co-author the book Leadership in Wonderland, a unique approach on how to become a more confident leader.

After 25 years of hands-on experience coaching and placing talent, I decided to shift my focus to address today’s challenge of developing emerging leadership. In September of 2016, I launched my refocused business, Susan Goldberg Leadership Consulting, where I specialize in developing millennial talent. I offer a number of services from small group coaching sessions to speaking at board meetings and retreats. I ultimately offer every client peace of mind, a safety net, and protection for the future of their companies.

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