30 Minute Speech with Q&A

What is it?

20 – 30 minutes speeches following by a Q&A Session

When is it right for you?

When you’d like to start a group discussion with active participation and brainstorming around investing in and holding onto your up-and-coming talent. Even if you don’t have these challenges, you will still engage your people in discussing what motivates them. It’s a conversation starter that allows your organization to:

  • Learn about key findings gathered from personal conversations with C-suite executives in the media, entertainment and technology industries about what will be valued in the future based on today’s challenges.
  • Introduce problem-solving ideas for retaining and rewarding your people based on their preferences, instead of assumptions.
  • Initiate a real conversation about the organization’s hiring policies and costs.

Topics Include:

  • Closing the gap to increase your bottom line
  • Exploring CEOs’ thoughts on what young people need to be future CEOs
  • Uncovering the top ways to retain your millennial talent

To discuss your situation, call 212-876-7100
or write to Susan@SusanGoldbergLeadership.com