Keynote Talk

What is it?

One of our most popular ways to quickly introduce organizations, associations and groups to the idea of a multi-generational culture is through our 1 hour “Keynote” talks.
Keynote Talks set the foundational elements for your group to have a robust discussion about the many generations influencing your organization.

When it is right for you?

When you want to begin talking about generational differences at your organization, address some miscommunication among people, or bring thought-provoking information to your talent, this is an easy way to get your company talking about generational stereotypes and working to combat them. When you change the perspective about generations, your organization benefits by:

  • Bringing awareness and understanding of the differences in work styles among generations. This starts a conversation that leads to changing attitudes.
  • Introducing a popular topic, which is interesting to a wide range of audience members, to learn information discussed in the media, in addition to, information gathered through our personal experience.
  • Presenting thought-provoking material that gets the audience engaged and talking.

Program Breakdown:

  • What is a generation?
  • The 4 generations in the workplace
  • What generations want from employers
  • Connecting to each generation
  • Understanding what makes the Millennial generation tick
  • Why are Millennials vital to the future of our workplace
  • Key things that can drive your best Millennials out of your workplace
  • 3 immediate action steps from today for tomorrow
  • Q&A (if time permits)

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