Here’s how we help your organization

If your company needs an attitude adjustment about Millennials, we offer...


One of our most popular ways to quickly introduce organizations, associations and groups to the idea of a multi-generational culture is through our 1 hour “Keynote” talks.  These Keynote Talks set the foundational elements for your group to have a robust discussion about the many generations influencing your organization.

If you're looking at the high cost of significant turnover or disengagement, particularly among young hires, we offer...

30 min. Speeches with Q&A

Topics Include

  • Closing the gap to increase your bottom line
  • Exploring CEOs’ thoughts on what young people need to be future CEOs
  • Uncovering the top ways to retain your millennial talent

If your new managers are struggling; you can’t keep your high potential millennials; or your new managers are lacking strong interpersonal and problem-solving skills, we offer…..

Small Group Coaching

For young professionals looking to improve their skill sets on the road to becoming a leader.  We offer 18 in-person coaching sessions with groups of 5 to 10 people.  Based on Susan’s book, Leadership in Wonderland, the goal is to equip group members with the right skills to advance their careers. In addition to personalized guidance, group members also learn from one another by sharing their experiences and working as a group to create solutions.  After the completion of the 18 classes, we invite interested participants to continue working with us.

If you are invested in having a new leader succeed, we offer...

360 Analysis

If there is a young professional in your company or department that you would like to set on the path to leadership, we can help. With the 360 Analysis, we visit your company to observe the employee and speak to colleagues to identify where they can improve. After documenting the findings, we will have a one-on-one session with the employee to discuss their report and create an action plan for their success.

If your team (including Millennial talent) is not living up to its potential, we offer...

Consulting Plans

Assessment Action Plan

For a more robust analysis, we will visit your organization for two days to talk with company employees of all levels, and observe company culture to identify internal problems. After completing our assessment, we will present you with our findings and offer solutions based on nearly two decades’ experience putting our expertise into practice.

Assessment PLUS Action Plan

We also offer additional guidance in remedying internal problems. Based on our initial assessment, we will stay on as consultants and work with you to develop strategies for improvement. We also offer offsite facilitation, inclusive of board retreats.