360 Analysis

What is it?

If there is a young professional in your company or department that you would like to set on the path to leadership, we can help. With the 360 Analysis, we visit your company to observe the employee and speak to colleagues to identify where they can improve. After documenting the findings, we will have a one-on-one session with the employee to discuss their report and create an action plan for their success.

When it is right for you?

When you have a young leader stepping into a new role for which they have great potential, but not a lot of readiness. They are bright and equipped with the right technical skills but their management skills and interpersonal skills are uncertain or untested. They need a boost to fulfill the demands of their new position. Our 360 Analysis benefits the individual and your executive team overall by:

  • Uncovering strengths and weaknesses of the new leader through personal interviews, not testing.
  • Presenting a realistic view and specific game plan for the new leader so they understand solutions and do not become overwhelmed.
  • Following through after the educational career plan is presented, is decided upon and “bought into” by the emerging leader.

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